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Community Impact


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A Rationale for the Arts

The Arts make Northeast Louisiana a good place to live. It is the Northeast Louisiana Arts Council's belief that all art is created and experienced within the context of community. As community Arts developers, the Council staff and Board create opportunities for the community to participate in the work of artists. Because the Arts both define society and create new visions for the future, they can be a positive influence in charting a course for community growth and change. The Council, through partnerships with local corporate executives, works to place the Arts on the community agenda, alongside economic development, community planning, and other initiatives which shape our quality of life.


What makes a community livable? Quality of life is not only about safe streets, good schools, and affordable housing. Citizens want opportunities to enrich their lives with experiences that the Arts can offer. The cultural life of a city or town is critical to a community profile, creating an attractive and vital environment in which to live and work. Employers often cite cultural resources as a deciding factor when they relocate to a particular community.

dragonfly construction dragonfly installed
Dragonfly, a piece of public art by Edmund Williamson,
makes it's home in an all-access children's park.


A Celebration of History and Culture

"All art has this characteristic:
It unites people."
                         – Leo Tolstoy

Many people still see the Arts as extra. But the world is beginning to discover that the Arts provide critical tools for understanding the diverse cultural heritage of our regions.

Our contemporary values and cultural diversity are celebrated in the Arts. Art captures our imagination, ignites our senses, and expresses who we are. Art mirrors the soul of our society and captures the winning spirit of northeast Louisiana.

Economic Impact

The Arts provide valuable experiences for which there are no substitutes. Corporate America realized the need to support these activities which educate and entertain: performances, films, lectures, or art classes. Arts audiences contribute significantly to the economy. Arts patrons spend dollars on restaurant meals before concerts, intermission refreshments, babysitters, parking, and art supplies. Support for the Arts is just plain good business!


The evolution of a work of public art: from the planning phase to construction of the piece to installation in an all-access children's park. The Dragonfly, as well as the park that is its home, is the result of a coalition of artists, dedicated citizens, and various civic and educational organizations.