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pARTnership - Building Today for Tomorrow


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peter & the wolf
NLAC Artist in Residence Corey Trahan transforms himself into “The Wolf” onstage in Shreveport Opera Express school performance of Little Red Riding Hood.   Ballet Under the Stars educational performance of Peter & the Wolf by the Twin City Ballet Company.










Arts education can help elementary and secondary school students reach out beyond prime time and understand the unchanging elements in the human condition. It can teach them to see and hear, as well as read and write. It can help them understand what civilization is so that as adults they can contribute to it. It can help our children develop skills for creativity and problem-solving, and acquire tools for communication.

Toward Civilization:
A Report in Arts Education, 1988

The Northeast Louisiana Arts Council believes that all children should have the opportunity to participate in the Arts, and advocates for quality Arts education in local schools. Our Arts-in-Education (AIE) programs provide resources and quality artistic experiences for over 30,000 students and their families.

making public art

Aesthetic Public Places made public art affordable in rural parishes through the involvement of students by introducing them to art through History and Social Studies. In response to a national trend in education recognizing the importance of exposure to the Arts, the Council will direct its focus on these activities by expanding the AIE program. Because of limited resources, school administrators have been unable to address this need as adequately as they would have wished. The Arts Council over the past several years has been able to increase access to creative learning opportunities for students, teachers, and school communities by providing supplemental Arts-in-Education program offerings to schools in our 11-parish area. NLAC has formed partnerships with public, private, and parochial school systems which have enabled them to increase the impact of their limited funds.


With the advent of RUPAR, pARTnership - Building Today for Tomorrow, our multi discipline Arts in Education program, has provided school systems an even greater opportunity to integrate quality arts experiences and short term residencies. Because the majority of our rural schools have no arts curriculum, local artists and regional touring groups have designed curriculum-based presentations to make programs more accessible to teachers. For the few systems with arts curriculums, the artists provide interactive residencies that include programs in several disciplines designed to be incorporated into the current lesson plans. To expose students, teachers and parents to a greater variety of opportunities, we present nationally known artists who fill the gap in educational programming unavailable from Louisiana artists.

Your children and grandchildren are our nation’s future leaders. Do we want to produce a generation that has no appreciation for the culture that is a part of our legacy to them? If we fail to provide a nurturing environment to pique a child’s creative aptitude, who will design our cars and bridges? Who will create music and dance? Who wBallet Under the Stars educational performance of Peter & the Wolf by the Twin City Ballet Company.ill draw the picture on our next birthday card? Who will take our photograph or be sure our coffee mug fits our finger just so?

Students with Arts experience continue to outperform their non-Arts peers on the Scholastic Assessment Test, scoring 59 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on math portions. It has been documented that the Arts have the potential to aid learning in specific areas, such as reading, writing, math and creativity. The Arts in Education programming that we provide through pARTnership - Building Today for Tomorrow will affect their attitudes and those of future generations.

How can you help?

The reality is that quality AIE programming is not cheap! Each year a larger budget percentage is committed to the program, and if we are to expand, even more funds will be needed. With your help, the Arts will reach all segments of our community, giving our children the chance to expand their horizons and artists the opportunity to enrich our lives. Your contribution to our Arts-in-Education program will enable us to bring more quality presentations to your students in Northeast Louisiana. All we ask is that you consider the impact of your donation when combined with the donations of your friends and neighbors.